Visit Greece and experience the country’s diverse culinary heritage and timeless recipe tradition. Discover and experience a cornucopia of mouth-watering distinct and indigenous ingredients, flavors and dishes.

Walk along the country’s rural hillsides and appreciate the medley of herbs such as oregano, thyme, sage and rosemary … the fragrance of seasonal trees abloom with lemons, oranges, figs and olives…

Feed your senses with a memorable feast of travel that spans centuries and generations. Food and wine tours and culinary workshops may be arranged and are recommended for those who would like to gain insight into diverse agricultural terrain of Greece.

Take a cooking class and learn how to prepare a traditional Greek dish such as moussaka or stuffed vegetables known as “yemista.” Tantalize your tastebuds with a visit to a local cheese shop. Visit an olive press and learn about the history of Greece’s staple ingredient, considered one of nature’s most healthful products. Taste homemade olive bread, olive cake, or sample a variety of infused olive oils.

The city of Athens is a great place for foodies to get a taste of what the contemporary Greek gastronomy scene is all about. Special food tours will make you feel as if you’ve travelled and tasted without ever having left the city!

Be surprised by the myriad places to eat and drink, ranging from traditional seaside tavernas, international street food vendors, to sleek award-winning bar-hopping haunts and gourmet restaurants with top chefs at the helm. Athens also features a number of specialty food shops with products from all over Greece. Make sure to stop in and have a look.

Have taste. Will travel!