Jet-Set Mykonos

Vacation on Mykonos and expect the best.

The exquisite and concept-driven venues located throughout the island, from luxury villas, resorts and boutique hotels, to elaborate seaside restaurants, bars, clubs and designer retail shops, are testament to Mykonos’ high standard and legacy of hospitality.

Pop open the champagne. Relax in your by-reservation-only beach lounge chair. Indulge in some gourmet Greek, Japanese or French cuisine.  Revel in the sounds of leading DJs masters. Shop at leading designer name brand outposts and fabulous one-of-a-kind boutiques. Swim at some of Greece’s most spectacular beaches. Rejuvenate with a thalossotherapy spa treatment. De-stress with a private yoga or meditation class. Tone up with an adrenaline-pumping personal training session.

Go beyond the beach parties and shopping sprees and take the time to delve into ancient culture. Inquire about taking a day trip
to the archaeological site, sanctuary and museum on the islet, Delos. Considered the birthplace of the Greek gods
Apollo and Artemis, this site, according to UNESCO World Heritage “is exceptionally extensive and rich and conveys the image
 of a great cosmopolitan Mediterranean port.”

The closest island to Delos, Mykonos continues to serve as a crossroads of people from all over the world. Historical and legendary figures who visited the small whitewashed island gave rise to Mykonos’ famed celebrity status. Yet, it is the inherent Greek filoxenia (hospitality) of the Myconians that is at the core. Home to a rich tourism culture unmatched in Greece, Mykonos boasts a legacy of hospitality that continues to enchant visitors today.

In Mykonos, everyone is made to feel like a celebrity … A-list or not.