Discover the Secret Side
of Santorini

Shaped like a crescent, Santorini’s unique landscape and architecture elicits awe. Take in the view and indulge
in the island’s world-renowned volcanic beauty: pristine Cycladic houses and 
blue-domed churches perched upon  cascading
cliffs; the caldera; the volcanic islets; and the blue of the Aegean that surrounds.  
Bathed in Cycladic light, Santorini’s
rich cultural heritage – past and present – is there to be uncovered by you, the curious traveler.

Here we go beyond Santorini’s lavish splendor to provide you with a few So Hot, So Cool Santorini Things To See & Do:

  • Visit the Tomato Industrial Museum D. Nomikos and learn about the cultivation of Santorini’s indigenous cherry-sized tomato.
  • Discover the wines of Santorini at one of the islands several state-of-the-art and exquisitely designed wineries and learn about Santorini’s long legacy of viticulture, volcanic terroir and low-lying, basket shaped vine weave.
  • Taste a bouquet of award-winning wines of the indigenous grape varieties Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani and sweet wine, Vinsanto, Mavrotragano and Mandilaria.
  • Explore the island’s many villages, some inland are fortified with castles, while others, by the sea, are graced with unique beaches and seaside tavernas.
  • Take a trip back in time to ancient Santorini and witness the preservation of ancient civilizations by visiting the archaeological sites: Akrotiri and Ancient Thera and the museums in Fira that house artefacts from each – The Prehistoric Museum and the Archaeological Museum. Akrtotiri, located about 15km southwest of Fira, features frescoes and other remains of an ancient town that was excavated after being buried and preserved for centuries under volcanic ash. A steep and winding road — approximately 400 metres up Mesa Vouno Mountain — leads to Ancient Thera, where visitors can view several ancient monuments and marvel at the spectacular views that overlook the vast blue sea and long stretch of black sand of Kamari beach below.
  • If you can brave the heat and don’t mind the smell of sulphur, you can take a day trip boat excursion for a trek on the nearby volcano known as Nea Kammeni and then choose to dive into the hot thermal springs known as Palia Kammeni or not, and wait to explore the next islet on the tour, the settlement of Therassia, before returning to Santorini where the sunset awaits…

At Top Notch Travellers, we look forward to introducing you Santorini: a destination that has embraced its vast, ancient and
volcanic history to emerge as one of the world’s leading travel destinations.